You might remember walking through a forest and being surprised to see that its floor was covered not with grass but instead with organic matter like leaves, twigs, and dead flowers.

Collectively, this debris can be referred to as ‘mulch’, which assists in the growth of trees through various means. Here are several benefits you can unlock by adding tree mulching to your gardening to-do list.

Reduced Competition with Grass

Trees flourish in a forest setting. Trees planted in grassy areas often cast shade over the grass, making it difficult for the grass to access nutrients and water, which are also sought by the tree roots.

In such settings, trees compete with grass for resources. However, adding mulch under trees can help nourish their roots while giving the grass a break.

Reduced Soil Compaction

It would be beneficial for you to use organic mulch, such as straw, sawdust, and compost, rather than inorganic mulch like plastic, fabric, and rubber, to prevent soil particles from becoming tightly pressed together.

Keep in mind that this compaction could hinder the soil’s ability to infiltrate and drain water, which could have adverse implications for the tree’s health.

Improved Root Growth

Once you have applied mulch, it will break down and contribute nutrients to the soil. In turn, the soil will become more fertile, encouraging the tree roots’ growth.

The mulch will also do this by serving as ‘insulation’ that regulates the soil’s temperature. Ideally, the roots’ temperature should be kept consistent rather than allowed to swing between extremes.

Retained Moisture 

Soil can lose as much as 80% of its moisture if directly exposed to sunlight. However, using mulch to prevent the sun’s rays from reaching that soil can help it to get on with working its magic on your trees. You can see water as a useful ‘fuel’ for your soil.

You don’t have to prepare and apply mulch yourself, as tree mulching is among our company’s specialties. By getting in touch with us, you can learn how we would be able to mulch outdoor areas on your behalf, freeing up valuable time in your schedule.