Trees are an essential part of the ecosystem. They not only encourage wildlife but also offer shade to provide food for animals. However, as a landowner, you are required to keep your land tidy and respect other landowners’ boundaries. This is where overhanging trees can become an issue. You are responsible for ensuring that your trees do not cause a problem for anyone else, so dealing with them needs careful consideration.

Identifying the Problem

You must keep a close eye on the trees on the borders of your property. These can quickly grow during the summer and start to encroach on a neighbour’s land. If you discover that one of your trees is starting to grow over a neighbour’s boundary, then you need to look at ways to trim it and what to do with the tree chippings.

If there is a tree encroaching on your land, then talk to the owner to see if an arrangement can be made. This is the best option initially, however, there are other avenues open to you if no agreement can be made.


If any roots or branches from your neighbour’s tree encroach on your land, you are entitled by law to trim them back. This is called “abatement.” However, you are only allowed to trim them back to your property line, and no other damage is permitted.

If you are unable to do this yourself, then seek a tree company in Tauranga. We at Tree Control can offer this service to you and we can advise you about what to do with tree chippings if you want to keep them.

All branches and fruit on the tree belong to your neighbour and should be placed on their side of the boundary.

Other Actions That Can be Taken

If you and your neighbour cannot agree on an arrangement to trim the tree, they can approach the district court for an order for removal or trimming.

However, If the tree is not causing harm or loss of enjoyment, then abatement may be the only option.

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