Whilst many of us view trees as indestructible. At tree removal Tauranga this is not the case because whilst they are capable of withstanding a lot of what nature puts on them, they are not entirely invincible. In a strong storm, trees can be damaged badly due to strong wind, snow, heavy rain, ice and lightning.

If you are a homeowner or property owner with large trees near your property, then it is useful to use methods to limit the damage a storm could cause to the tree because otherwise, this could threaten your home or property, putting you in danger.

Bear in mind that diseased trees are more likely to be a threat than healthy trees. So, if you are expecting a storm to come, then there are some methods you can implement to best protect the tree and your property, which include:

  • Take down any dead trees near your property
  • Trim any dead limbs since the last pruning
  • Keep up with the correct fertilization
  • Remove any branches overhanging the roof

Likewise, after a storm you should be checking and pruning the tree, and removing any cracked limbs from the storm damage.

Severe weather and storm damage can make trees hazardous and unstable. If this is the case then tree removal might be necessary to make sure that you and your property are safe.

Symptoms of a storm-damaged tree include:

  • Hanging or snapped branches
  • Split or cracked trunks
  • Uprooted trees

Beware that trees struck by lightning can cause internal damage which could be dangerous in the longer run. After a storm, it’s critical that you inspect any trees near your property for damage.

Ask a professional tree service company for some advice on whether tree removal is necessary.

In need of tree removal in Tauranga? At Tree Control we employ only the most highly skilled tree removal experts who know how to use specialist equipment safely and correctly. Dead or dangerous trees after a storm need the specialist care of specialist machines to be removed completely without risking damage to the surrounding environment, particularly where there are power lines, buildings, or orchards close by. Our tree removal method is completely controlled due to our specialist machinery and our team’s attention to detail and precise approach to work. Get in touch with us today.