Perhaps you have a tree in your garden or on your sidewalk that you want removed. Maybe the tree is getting too big. Perhaps you have grown tired of it dropping its leaves or sap on your car, or perhaps the tree has died and it has become a hazard as you wait for it to fall onto your roof.

Whatever the reason, if you would like a tree removed it is best that you call experts in to ensure a safe and responsibly executed total tree removal.

DIY tree removal is not a good idea. Just watch a few YouTube videos and you will get the idea. Here are some dangers associated with DIY tree removal.

1 – You Could Get Seriously Hurt 

The biggest risk associated with tree removal is injury or even death. Removing trees is dangerous work and it’s even hazardous for those who have been at it for many years. This is why it is highly advised that you allow the professionals to take care of it.

2 – You Could Cause Major Property Damage 

Without the proper training, know-how and experience, tree removal can result in catastrophic damage to houses and other property, such as cars. It takes a significant amount of experience and skill to determine how to fell a tree without harming surrounding property.

3 – You Don’t Have The Proper Equipment 

Tree removal doesn’t just involve a chainsaw. In some cases, it involves climbing the tree to remove branches before felling so that it falls safely. This means that you need work-at-height gear such as safety harnesses. Falls from trees can be extremely dangerous.

In addition to work-at-high gear, you will need safety gloves, goggles, ear muffs, hard hats and other PPE to keep you safe from falling branches or flying chips of wood.

4 – Potential For Electrocution 

If the tree is situated anywhere near power lines, felling it in such a way that it lands on the lines could lead to electrocution.

It takes a great amount of skill and experience to be able to remove a tree that is situated close to power lines and ensure that it does not make contact with it. The same goes for other kinds of infrastructure such as phone lines, water lines and roads.

Put your safety first! Don’t DIY. For experienced and certified arborists, contact us at Tree Control today. We can carry out total tree removal quickly, thoroughly and safely.