Controlled Tree Removal

When it comes to tree felling and total tree removal, you need a predictable method that will leave nothing to chance. Dead, unwanted or even dangerous trees need the specialist care of specialist machines to be removed completely without risking damage to the surrounding environment, particularly where there are power lines, buildings, or orchards close by.

Capable Machinery

Advanced Machines

We work with the best machinery, allowing us to work at great heights and remove individual trees or shelter belts with no problem.

In most cases, advanced machinery is necessary for safe tree removal, particularly in urban or suburban locations. If you try to remove a tree without the necessary equipment and the requisite expertise to use the equipment properly, you could risk causing significant damage to surrounding property and serious injury.

This is why we at Tree Control employ only the most highly skilled tree removal experts who know how to use specialist equipment safely and correctly to ensure the safe and effective removal of unwanted, dangerous or dead trees without causing harm or damage to property or people.

Total Tree Removal

Total Tree Removal

Our tree removal method is completely controlled due to our specialist machinery and our team’s attention to detail and precise approach to work. We can remove trees and place them out of the way with ease, meaning we won’t leave a massive mess behind for you to clean up.

With our tree removal expertise, you won’t have to worry about collateral damage to other trees or property, such as cars, fences, walls or nearby buildings.

Safe & Controlled

Safe And Controlled

When tree removal is carefully controlled, it makes for a safer environment for the people on-site and minimises the risk of damaging any surrounding trees or structures in the process.

We take safety very seriously, which is why every member of our team is properly trained in safety protocols. We will take the utmost care to ensure that nobody is harmed during the tree removal process and ensure that your property and surrounding flora are maintained and protected throughout.

When we leave once the job is done, we aim to leave behind no trace that we were even there ‒ other than the fact that a tree has been removed.

Controlled Tree Removal
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Having unwanted trees removed is a breeze when you choose tree care specialists with the right machinery, methods and experience. Tree Control ensures that each member of our team is well trained, diligent and carries out every job safely and to the best of their ability. With our expertise, we complete each job faster than you would ever have expected. We will leave every job site neat and tidy, carefully removing all of the mess left by tree removal or tree topping work.







At Tree Control, we provide unique and efficient tree management and tree removal services to our clients. We guarantee that not only will the trees be removed quickly but that it will be done safely and thoroughly.

Contact us for a clean, quick and efficient tree removal service.

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Tree felling is inherently dangerous and complicated work. This is why you need professionals to handle it correctly. When you need tree felling services, you want to know that you are in good hands that will do the job safely. With Tree Control, you can rest assured that we have the best team for the job and that we will handle your tree removal job with care.