A stressed tree is a sad and lifeless one – and visibly looks so! It can be very difficult to recognise the signs of tree stress if you aren’t an arborist, which is why we at Tree Control – the tree topping specialists in Tauranga – have created this article for you. Read on for the key signs of tree stress, and learn how to recognise them in future.

Leaf Discoloration and Abnormalities – Yellow, wilting, curling or unusual leaf size and shape are strong indicators of tree stress. The cause could be down to pests, a lack of nutrients, or the environment.

Stunted Growth – If your tree isn’t growing as tall or wide as expected, tree stress might be the problem. Consider checking the quality of the soil beneath the tree.

Bark Issues – Cracking and peeling bark often indicate stress, though the cause could be varied.

Unusual Insect Activity – Are pests flocking to your tree? Have aphids chewed through many of the leaves? Unusual insect activity causes a massive amount of tree stress. You’ll never find one without the other!

Branch Dieback – A major indication of tree stress is the death of a tree’s branches. If the tips of the branches are discoloured and starting to fall, tree stress has already escalated and must be treated urgently.

Treating tree stress with tree topping

Generally, tree topping is the last resort for a stressed tree. It’s recommended that you preserve the condition of the tree as much as possible throughout its long lifespan, so such issues don’t escalate beyond the point of no return. Of course, certain problems can be unavoidable.

Tree topping chops away the larger branches of a tree to make them shorter, safer and more manageable. Often, new growth is encouraged when dead, stressed or ill branches are cut away, though if tree topping isn’t a must, it shouldn’t be done! It’s always important to leave as many leaves as possible for photosynthesis, too.

If you’ve reached no choice but to take decisive action to secure the health of your tree, look toward the specialists in the field. At Tree Control, we’re well-experienced in achieving outstanding results for the look and health of your trees, often through our premium tree topping services. Regardless of the height of your tree, we can bring it back into line! For more information about what we can do, reach out to us.