Shelter belts have long been a part of our environment, often being used to protect fields from soil erosion, primarily from the wind. They may not seem problematic in the sense that they protect fields from soil erosion, but they can bring issues as well as benefits.

To put it simply, there are numerous issues with shelter belts, from inability to control weeds to pest control. For instance, grasses and weeds are often competing with the plants in the shelter belt for water, light and nutrients, meaning crop yield may be reduced, or at least slowed significantly. Local wildlife may also be more inclined to damage crops if they have a shelter belt habitat.

The effectiveness of the belt is reduced by its hindering of the environment it is supposed to protect. Ultimately, it’s up to you to weigh up the pros and cons on whether a shelter belt is strictly necessary for your property.

Other issues

As well as the aforementioned problems, shelter belts also cause issues with regard to the local climate, in that a denser shelter belt will cause the air to stagnate, meaning temperatures are higher during the day, and lower at night. Over a longer period of time, this can be detrimental to the local area around the shelter belt.

Usually the vigorous root growth of the trees in the shelter belt can also adversely impact growth in the adjacent area, though of course it depends on the tree and crop in question as to how this impact is made. At Tree Control, we are the experts in shelter belt removal, and we can survey your property and see if the shelter belt is problematic for your land.

Other issues that arise may be in relation to the height of the trees in question, which may shade crops and reduce growth. This is before we even mention potentially poisonous or harmful trees to their surrounding environment.

When it comes to shelter belt removal., you should look for a name you can trust, and Tree Control are certainly that. We get to the root of the issue and provide a service that’s both affordable, and efficient.