Trees can be majestic, beautiful and relaxing. However, there are also times when they grow in inappropriate places, overhang a neighbour’s property, or fall over due to weather events or disease. This can raise some serious questions about who is responsible for the tree’s removal in Tauranga. Here, we try to answer some of these queries.

Who is Responsible For Trees Overhanging My Property?

If your neighbour’s tree has a branch that’s grown over your side of the fence, then you are responsible for cutting that branch up to the boundary of your property. You may wish to do this should it annoy you or become a danger.

Who is Responsible For Trimming Trees Near Power Lines In New Zealand?

If the tree is growing on public land, then it is the responsibility of the local authority or the power company to trim it. However, if the tree is growing on private land then it is the landowner’s responsibility to make sure that it stays a prescribed distance from any power lines.

Be aware that even if the tree isn’t too close to the power line, it still may cause problems in the event of a storm or if it prevents maintenance workers from doing their job.

Whose Responsibility Is It to Remove a Fallen Tree?

If a tree falls—either due to disease or a storm—then this can cause considerable damage and disruption. There is even the possibility of loss of life if a person is in the vicinity at the time.

If the tree is growing on your land, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is healthy and secure. Failure to do so will likely mean you will be held to account if it falls and causes damage – even during a storm. If you are in any doubt regarding the health of your tree, you must get an expert to come and inspect it.

If the tree is healthy but falls due to extreme weather conditions, then it may be that nobody is held responsible. However, depending on the circumstances, you may still be expected to have the fallen tree removed because it came from your property. If the healthy tree falls and damages someone else’s property, you and the property owner would have to arrange clearance and compensation.

If you have the correct insurance in place and you can prove you have regularly maintained your trees and checked them for disease, you may find your insurance company will soften any financial blow should they fall.

If you want advice on a tree’s health or on who is responsible for tree removal, please get in touch. We offer a wide range of tree care and removal services.